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Morris Mauler: Spring Fling for Masochists

Dominic Grillo was the male winner of last Sunday’s Morris Mauler 5 km race, while Courtney Stanton was the first female.  Winning time of 19:50, he was the only sub-20 minute finisher.  Stanton finished in 25:11.  With 59 finishers, the field was small but deep, and included many regulars from […]

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The Training Camp that Wasn’t

No rest for the wicked: it’s been a crazy month for your humble correspondent.  There’ve been days when I didn’t have time to change my mind. Finally, after all the frantic insanity, the family and I zoomed up to Lake Placid for our annual holiday sojourn.  Otherwise known as Dad’s […]

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NJ Trail Series Winter Race Report

It’s something I’ve delayed doing for a few months.  First, I was in no shape to run.  Then, other commitments got in the way.  Secretly I’d hoped that a big snowstorm would open Prospect and delay this day a little longer.  But there’s been no snow, and since I’d pre-registered, […]

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Manitou’s Revenge

When I first heard about Manitou’s Revenge, I was nursing a stress fracture and expecting to run the following year – that is, in time to run Manitou.  I’ve done my share of running in the Catskills, As it happens, it’s been one injury after another.  While roller skiing and […]

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Torn Meniscus: End of the Line?

“You might not be running long distances any more,” my sports medicine doctor said. What do you say when you hear something like that?  Gee thanks?  Can I get another opinion?  Driving down to see my doctor – and hyperventilating so I wouldn’t scream, because my knee hurts so bad […]

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