Ski Jumping: Original Extreme Sport

A gray November sky promised rain.  The strong breeze hinted at the gale force wind that would come in the evening.  I parked at the usual spot, the Green Pond Road trail head that’s become New Jersey’s version of overcrowded Adirondack trail heads.  I shrugged into my hydration vest and […]

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Whiteface Sky Race

There’s a rock ‘n’ roll lyric for every occasion, and for the Whiteface Sky Race on 21 July, it was “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.”  I was definitely the bug. Two years ago, I didn’t think my knees would tolerate anything like this, but a couple of […]

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selfie at the patch sprint finish

Respect the Process and Achieve Results

Respect the process. Over Memorial Day weekend, I drove to northern New York to run the Patch Sprint.  I wrote about the race last year.  The spirit and camaraderie of all those who’ve camped at Pok-o-MacCready is just really impressive, and I tried to catch that in the video below. I […]

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Recovering from Overtraining

As a personal trainer, you’d think I know to avoid overtraining.  But it doesn’t always happen. In my previous post, I wrote about the 2018 Patch Sprint, which was one my best-ever races, up there with my personal best in the Lake Placid Loppet.  The six weeks following was a […]

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Patch Sprint

Twelve miles in, at the foot of Poke-o-Moonshine, I still felt good. The finish of the Patch Sprint was on the summit. A mile and a quarter, with 1280 feet of elevation gain, meant 35 percent grade in places. Time to dig in. The trail up Poko, as it’s sometimes […]

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Wapack Trail Out and Back

Back before the Internet was common currency, I’d heard about the Wapack Trail.  Two different outfits organize races there. There’s an 18-mile out-and-back race in September, and an ultra in May.  For some reason I’d never made it to either race, but the Wapack has been in the back of […]

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