Recovering from Overtraining

As a personal trainer, you’d think I know to avoid overtraining.  But it doesn’t always happen. In my previous post, I wrote about the 2018 Patch Sprint, which was one my best-ever races, up there with my personal best in the Lake Placid Loppet.  The six weeks following was a […]

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Patch Sprint

Twelve miles in, at the foot of Poke-o-Moonshine, I still felt good. The finish of the Patch Sprint was on the summit. A mile and a quarter, with 1280 feet of elevation gain, meant 35 percent grade in places. Time to dig in. The trail up Poko, as it’s sometimes […]

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Five Summer Fitness Tips

As June begins, we’re finally getting consistent pleasant weather, making outdoor cardio all the more fun. This month’s tips focus on aerobic activity. One: Do the cardio activity that you enjoy most! If you prefer riding a bike over walking or running, do it. Activities like cycling and inline skating […]

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Ampersand Mountain and Beyond

This weekend, Ampersand Mountain in Adirondacks was my Saturday goal. With the Climb to the Castle, the fearsome roller ski race up the Whiteface toll road, looming on Sunday, I wanted to hike something fun, but not so big that I’d blow myself out for the race. Hurricane was close to […]

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Cycling NJ: Sussex Warren Hilly Half

Today, I explored sections of Sussex and Warren counties in NJ; thus, the title. Packing my bike into the Subie, I drove to a state park in Andover Township, parked at a trail head on US Route 206, and took off. In this part of NJ, I was only familiar […]

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