Lewis Morris Backcountry Skiing, Originally Published 1/28/2011

ski tracks

Not exactly bomber tracks.

Wednesday’s huge storm left so much snow that two days later, I had first tracks in Lewis Morris County Park.  After following snowshoe tracks over the dam at one end of Sunrise Lake, I broke trail for the remainder of the morning.  Made for groomed tracks, my old Jarvinens didn’t float well.  With snow halfway to my knees, it was slow going.

The traveling was so slow that I had turned around after an hour due to time constraints.  Sorry, but I couldn’t put a whole loop in for those coming after me.  Even the return trip in the tracks I set wasn’t fast.  If you’re thinking of going, bring gaiters and wide backcountry skis if you have them.  It was a great day!

trail markers on trees

Trail markers, but no trail.

deer bed off trail

Deer bed off the trail

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