Working Out During Coronavirus

Working out during coronavirus is going to be different.  If you’re like me, you get a stoke from going to the gym; you’re inspired to push yourself the way you see others pushing it.

Only now, gyms and health clubs are shut down, along with much of the rest of the country, due to the coronavirus pandemic.  If you don’t have a home gym, you might be casting about for workouts you can do with minimal or no equipment. 


Working out during coronavirus: pushups are always great and require no equipment.


Below are links to some of my recent home exercise posts:

Three different body-weight leg strength exercises, outdoors on a breezy day.

In this IG post, I demo leg strength with common household objects.  Fill a backpack with books or canned goods.  Fortunate to have a 38-lb container of kitty litter too!

This session contains body weight upper body exercises.  When I find a good place at home to do pull-ups, I’ll add a video.

If possible, invest in resistance bands and/or super bands and weights to make your workouts more challenging. Caveat emptor: with brick and mortar stores closed, the shipping costs on heavier dumbbells and plates can add up.

If you’re unsure what to do for a home workout, here are two virtual workout options.

  • One-on-one virtual sessions through Zoom for FaceTime.
  • A one-month, written training plan.  Eight sessions emailed to you.  Access to an online video library you can reference for technique, email or phone follow up with me once a week.  Contact me for details!