Respect the Process and Achieve Results

selfie at the patch sprint finish

Respect the process.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I drove to northern New York to run the Patch Sprint.  I wrote about the race last year.  The spirit and camaraderie of all those who’ve camped at Pok-o-MacCready is just really impressive, and I tried to catch that in the video below.

I won’t re-hash this year’s race, but I wanted to reiterate an important point.  Last year, I won my age group.  This year, I went eight minutes faster, but someone else won.  A lesser result masked a better performance.  Again, having multiple goals is great for keeping you focused and motivated.

After last year’s Patch Sprint, I crashed and burned by not allowing myself adequate recovery.  I lost eight weeks of valuable training time and had to work myself back into hard training gradually.  Constantly grinding away results in overtraining and poor results.

If you’re working towards a 1-rep max goal for squats, celebrate the  milestones you hit on the way.  Looking to lose 30 pounds?  Honor yourself when those first 10 pounds come off.

Look at a long term goal as a journey.  You may very well hit some potholes or traffic on the highway; just the same, you may encounter setbacks to achieving your fitness goals.  It’s important to be patient, regroup, and move forward.

selfie at the patch sprint finish

Summit selfie

Respect the process, achieve results!