New Years Fitness Resolutions


Are you preparing New Year’s resolutions?  It’s that time of year.  The holidays, seeing family and friends, exchanging gifts, eating.  New Year’s Eve isn’t far off.  What do we do on New Year’s Eve?  Make resolutions for the coming year.  And a big resolution is fitness.  Nearly two-thirds of Americans make a New Year’s resolution to improve their fitness.  Of those, 73% drop out before achieving their goal.

The Challenge

Every year, people join a gym or health club with the best of intentions.  They might want to lose weight; their doctor told them to get their blood pressure under control; or they want to look good down the shore come summer.  When I worked at in commercial gyms, January was always a big month as new people joined the gym, eager to make a change.  

According to the article cited above, many people abandon their fitness resolution within six weeks.  They weren’t getting the results they were looking for, they got discouraged, and dropped off.  According to USA Today, 67% of gym memberships go unused.  In another article, 80% of gym goers drop out after 5 months.

Why did they drop out?  While some cite time challenges or the difficulty of sticking to a fitness regimen, many people  don’t come to the gym with a clear program that would get them to their goals.  No program, no results. In a way it’s understandable.  There’s a huge array of dumbbells, barbells and machines, and you don’t know where to start.


                 So much equipment. Where do I start?

The Solution 

A personal trainer takes the guesswork out of your fitness transformation by developing a program tailored to your goals.  In my studio, there are no cookie cutter programs.  A high school soccer player’s program will look different from a 45-year-old who wants to lose 25 pounds, and different from an 80-year-old who needs to improve his or her balance.  Good trainers know when to progress weight and add more challenging movements to your program, so you’re always moving ahead.


Teaching single are overhead press with kettlebell

The expense of paying for a trainer combined with a commercial gym membership is daunting for many on a budget.  The smart alternative is working with a trainer in a private studio, where your only expense is the trainer’s fee.  This investment in your health will often get you to your goals more quickly and safely than you would on your own.

Is this the year that you want to finally change your fitness?  Contact me for a free assessment!