Post Physical Therapy Training

Post Physical Therapy Training

If you’ve completed physical therapy while recovering from a surgery or illness, strength training can speed your return to full function.

Oftentimes people complete a physical therapy program and not only cease doing the prescribed home exercises, but cease or do minimal physical activity. When you stop doing your therapist’s home exercise program, you may risk re-injuring yourself. I’m well acquainted with this concept as I’ve had my share of physical therapy. In addition, ceasing exercise may leave you with a diminished capacity to complete the activities of daily living.

A person may be bedridden for a period recovering from an illness. Although bed rest may be necessary, one of the unintended results is muscle atrophy and loss of bone density.

O2 Fit NJ’s strength training for post physical therapy dovetails with and progresses from the rehab exercises provided by your physical therapist. I help clients who have graduated from physical therapy and are ready to move on to more challenging exercises.

As an active older adult, I’ve had my share of physical therapy over the years. Stress fracture, shoulder tendonitis, balky hip… you name it, I’ve been there. I can empathize with your situation and help you achieve the results you want in a supportive, caring environment.

For post physical therapy clients, I take a detailed health history and conduct a movement assessment before contacting your physical therapist for additional feedback. Then I develop a customized program that progresses from your home PT exercises to more challenging movements. The result? Whether you’re recovering from ACL surgery or a joint replacement, you’re able to enjoy full range of motion and return to activities that you enjoy.

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