Hill Bounding Builds Explosive Strength

Hill bounding is a useful addition to one’s training repertoire.  As winter approaches, it’s time to ramp up intensity.  If you’re a runner or skier, you need explosive strength.  Hill bounding will turn your gym strength – you have been hitting the gym, haven’t you? – into functional, explosive strength.

For some applications plyometric exercises done indoors may be better than hill bounding.  But bounding on a grassy hill or woods trail is easier on the joints than a concrete gym floor is.  In addition, moving your body uphill fast will develop your VO2 max.

Your hill needn’t be long.  Start with an easy warmup, then go to your hill.  Be quick and light on your feet with maximal aerobic effort.  Don’t try to stomp the trail into submission.  Go for eight to ten repetitions of five seconds, increasing the effort each time.  Allow a complete recovery between each repetition.

Land on the heel in gradual uphills and on the whole foot in steep uphills.  – Torbjorn Karlsen

If you’re new to this, start conservatively. As you become more accustomed to the work load, you can increase the length and number of work periods.