Cycling NJ: Sussex Warren Hilly Half

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Today, I explored sections of Sussex and Warren counties in NJ; thus, the title. Packing my bike into the Subie, I drove to a state park in Andover Township, parked at a trail head on US Route 206, and took off.

In this part of NJ, I was only familiar with US Route 206 and State Route 94.  Time to go somewhere I’ve never been, maybe get lost, and see different parts of the state.

Barn near Andover

Barn near Andover


Leaving the parking lot by Kittatinny Valley State Park, I rode north on 206 for two miles before heading west.  The biggest issue I had on this ride was frequent stops to look at Google Maps. Without an account on Strava or MapMyRide, I don’t set up cue sheets beforehand.  It’s more like, “I think I’ll go this way, turn left at the barn and see where it takes me.”

Your editor, with meadow behind.

Your editor, with meadow behind.


The first 14 miles were mellow. A mile after the gristmill below – I think it’s in Stillwater – I turned onto Millbrook Road.  Not knowing what I was getting in to, the next 8 miles or so had plenty of uphill.


Gristmill in Stillwater NJ. After this, the fun started.



An egret in a dried out pond. We are in dire need of rain.

Hunt’s School Road was dirt; otherwise I rode on paved roads in good condition.  Stillwater, Fredon, Frelinghuysen…. if you head out this way, make sure you have enough water and an extra gel or two.  I didn’t pass any delis or convenience stores.  Great weather, great day, great ride!


The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye.