New Trails At Wildcat Ridge

The last couple of weekends, I’ve hiked a couple of new trails in the Wildcat Ridge wildlife management area in Rockaway. Days when 50 mph wind gusts said, “no riding for you.”

Both the Righter Mine and Beach Glen trails have trail heads on Meriden Road off of Green Pond Road. I parked in a cul-de-sac and headed off to Righter Mine.  After a few hundred meters of easy walking on an old road, the trail veered away from a brook began to go up.

Dusting of snow on a height of land, Wildcat Ridge.

Dusting of snow on a height of land, Wildcat Ridge.


The scene was almost parklike: mature trees and very little undergrowth.


From the road, you hike up an old fire road maybe a kilometer, then Righter Mine veers uphill to the northeast.  There’s so little understory, it looks more like a manicured arboretum than open land. After a few miles of easy up and down, I came to an overlook of Split Rock Reservoir.

Split Rock Reservoir

Split Rock Reservoir. View is to the east of Four Birds Trail.

Retracing my steps, I returned to the fire road and followed it to the end, where you come to the base of the dam.


I never did find a mine entrance.

Kiln from mining days

Kiln from mining days


Last weekend I went up the Beach Glen Trail from a new trail head on Meriden Road between the original Beach Glen trail head and Righter Mine. The new trail runs west towards the old trail head. From there you can work your way north to the center of Hibernia, along the marshes.


Framework from mining days, Beach Glen Trail


Abandoned baby grand piano, mid trail.

Abandoned baby grand piano, mid trail.