The Training Camp that Wasn’t

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No rest for the wicked: it’s been a crazy month for your humble correspondent.  There’ve been days when I didn’t have time to change my mind.

Finally, after all the frantic insanity, the family and I zoomed up to Lake Placid for our annual holiday sojourn.  Otherwise known as Dad’s early season training camp.  Once a New Year’s event, we’ve gradually nudged this forward in the year due to family commitments and Ellen’s work schedule.

Mount van Hoevenberg’s fabulous early season conditions deteriorated as we drove north.  The rain we drove through turned into freezing rain six miles from our motel, the rain turned to freezing rain.  The next day, I picked my way through the stadium out to the Flatlander trails.  As rain froze to my jacket, my feet got wet.  The snow cover ranged from adequate here and there to slush, and I dinged an old pair of skis enough to finally turn them into training skis.

Laurel decided that she wasn’t gonna let a little bad weather spoil her day, and got out on her skis too.  Very proud of my daughter for coming out in crummy weather.  You can see a photo of my little trouper in my recent story on FasterSkier.

That was it, one big day of skiing, then ORDA was compelled to close Mount van Ho.  I don’t blame them:  The trails that were open deteriorated visibly over the two hours we skied last Saturday.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  The next morning, as an ice jam built up in the Ausable River, I went for a run.  Trumbulls Road turns into Jay Mountain Road, a stair step climb topping out half a mile past the trail head for Jay Mountain.  That was my regimen for the next few days.

While ORDA opened the Intervale ski loop to the public, we couldn’t stay around; we drove home Christmas Eve.  It’s a great job by ORDA to open the tough 3 km loop, and break out the snowmaking guns to open a portion of Mount van Hoevenberg.