Doug Diehl Wins 2013 Peru Nordic Sufferfest

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If you’re not early, you’re late.  Chalk it up to my type A personality, or to the magnifying effects of time and distance.  If I wasn’t gonna win the summit of the Peru Nordic Sufferfest, at least I was the first one to arrive for the race.

About 15 hardy souls showed up at the for of Prospect Mountain in Lake George, NY.  Attacking from the start, Doug Diehl dropped the field to pull away for the win.  In the first, flat 500 meters, I stuck with the group, but dropped back on the first big climb.

This is a self supported race.  Since it’s all uphill, you need to bring any food, dry clothes, and footwear you want for the return trip.  No one’s waiting at the top with a toasty warm van.  When I was here two years ago, I took a minimalist approach and used a waist pack.  And I wasn’t comfortable on the return trip.  This year, I used a regular day pack.  Dry top, food, running shoes….. I thought I’d packed light, but damn, it felt like I had two bowling balls in there.

Fortunately, the Wings of Skitan are a wicked fast pair of roller skis.  I caught a few people over the next  few kilometers, but stalled out in the last 500 meters.  Just got tired.  All in all, a great day.  Next year, I have to find that sweet spot between too much dunnage and not enough.