On Dope and Chris Horner

Below are a variety of links from around the internet about dope and pro cycling.  In the New York Times, Juliet Macur recounts a discussion between Vuelta winner Chris Horner and George Hincapie.  She rightly asks why names were redacted in the USADA’s reasoned decision.  While some might surmise that Horner is jobless following his Vuelta win due to doping suspicions, there’s another reason staring you in the face.  How many more of those performances can he give at 41?

Velonation interviewed Robin Parisotto, an anti-doping specialist who’d like to examine the values in Horner’s biological passport more closely.  Here’s another blog post discussing the validity of Horner’s biopassport numbers.

Finally, Johann Bruyneel, Lance Armstrong’s directeur sportif during his Tour de France [non] winning streak, will have his day before USADA this December.