Flaming Leaves Festival, C2C

If you want to see some of the best jumping and skiing in the U.S., make it to Lake Placid for the Flaming Leaves Festival, the weekend of 12-13 October.  There’ll be a NYSEF jumping competition on Saturday and nordic combined roller ski championships on Sunday.  Well worth the drive.  The only thing I’m curious about is, a 10 km skate race on the Olympic oval?  As per the link above; really?

When I interviewed him for NYSkiBlog, Demong opined that a roller race finishing in downtown Lake Placid would be nice.  NYSEF, ORDA, are you guys listening?  Roads for 25  miles around get closed for light years for the Ironman in July.  How about a little love and a race on closed roads that will take 30 minutes?

Elsewhere, Bonnie Ford has an awesome story on the U.S. women’s ski jumping team.  The fight they went through to get women’s jumping added as an Olympic sport, the development of the team, the whole 9 yards.  Well worth checking out.

Weather for the Climb to the Castle on Saturday:  As of this writing, lows in the mid 30s on Saturday.  Mostly clear, with highs in the 60s on Sunday.  With an 8 AM start, it ain’t gonna be warm.