Blank Generation

I know, posts have been few and far between.  OXF went on hiatus as my family took a 15-day excursion to China.  It was an awesome trip.  I’ve begun sorting through 1500+ photos, and I have notes from the trip that will get published here.

One story that I’m excited about.  At the Holiday Inn in Beijing, we saw an older Toyota Land Cruiser with policy license plates.  Yes, Poland!!  This vehicle had a serious, but not over the top, lift kit, a snorkel, and was sporting two spare tires.  When I picked my jaw up off the floor, I ran into Adam, the vehicle’s owner.  Yeah, he and his significant other drove from Poland to Beijing by way of Tibet.  Awesome.  There’s a story in there somewhere, I have to figure it out.  You’ll see it here.

New outside writing assignments have made it difficult to post here as often as I’m accustomed.  That’s life.