Lance Armstrong: Reasoned Decision

The naughty details are finally out.  You can read all the affidavits, supporting documents and USADA’s logic for charging Lance Armstrong – among others – with systematic doping.  Having devoured Tyler Hamilton’s book The Secret Race, I had an inkling of what was to come.  While each rider has a distinct story, the similarities between multiple depositions is mind-numbing.  Take some time to read through this.  It’s amazing.

It wasn’t just Festina in 1998, but US Postal over the course of several years.  And if there were two pro cycling teams that engaged in systematic team-wide doping programs, there are probably others.

When that many people testify to the same thing, it’s not a conspiracy.  Anyone who still claims Lance is being framed is willfully suspending belief.  They may admire him for beating cancer or for his rock star girlfriend – conveniently overlooking the fact that he divorced the wife who supported him at the nadir of his cancer fight.  So much for denials, claims of conspiracy, that everyone is out to get him, the hands-over-the-ears, “I can’t hear you” public relations plan.  Lance Armstrong’s hubris and bullying do him no good in the face of USADA’s evidence.

But I’d love to know why so many names are redacted in the various affidavits.  Who are “Other-13,” “Rider-16,” and all the rest of them?  If they’re administering, transporting or otherwise enabling doping, why are their names redacted?  If one wants to clean up the sport, everyone should be outed.