Travis Tygart Interviewed on Lance Armstrong and Doping

Dutch cycling commentator José Been has translated an exclusive interview that USADA head Travis Tygart gave to French sports newspaper L’Equipe.  Among the more amazing highlights:

  1. Tygart received death threats after USADA charged Lance Armstrong with doping.
  2. USADA received no information  from the FDA following its investigation of Armstrong and US Postal.  They built their case from scratch.  Witnesses who appeared before both the FDA and USADA corroborated their testimony.
  3. Tygart expressed surprise that the FDA investigation was stopped.  From the interview, one is tempted to infer that the FDA ended their investigation due to political pressure.
  4. USADA will forward evidence against Armstrong to UCI by the end of the month.

In an interview with Le Monde, French sports minister Valérie Fourneyron called for UCI to vacate Armstrong’s seven Tour de France titles.  “I don’t understand why UCI hasn’t revoked Armstrong’s seven titles,” she told L’Equipe.