Lake Minnewaska and Mohonk Mountain House

Second photo of small cairns on boulder  For Harv’s NY Ski Blog, I shared some memories on learning to ski at Lake Minnewaska.    Hopefully, I managed to convey how much this place meant to me.

When it was privately owned, Lake Minnewaska set the standard for what I still look for in a cross-country ski area with groomed tracks.  A wide variety of challenging trails, a lodge, decent space to prepare skis, good grooming, and up to date conditions reports.

I can live with the current sketchy grooming, but it would sure be nice to have a lodge or hut to get out of the wind.  For both Minnewaska State Park Preserve and Mohonk, the only drawback is the lack of  a lodge.  I can go there myself and beat myself up for four hours and drive home.  But if my wife and child want a break after skiing for an hour, there’s no place to go.  This is especially a problem at Minnewaska, as it’s generally more exposed and windy.  This may not be a challenge for families that live locally.  But when you’re coming fro  90 miles away, it’s a real challenge.

While I don’t ski at Minnewaska as much as I did 30 years ago,  I enjoy getting there in dryland season for a run.  At Mohonk Preserve, there are also plenty of opportunities for off season fun, whether you like mountain biking, hiking or running, or climbing.