May Training Compendium

Rather than a blow by blow account of each day, herewith, a short post and a picture gallery of what I’ve done for the last month.  It’s been a productive month.    My personal trainer classes started the week preceding Memorial Day.  They fall at an absolutely terrible time of day, and my own training routine has become topsy-turvy as a result.  But I’m learning new things (drop and give me 20!); all my interval workouts have been productive, and it’ll all work out in the end.

I’ve allowed myself a couple of extended walks, including one in my regular stoking ground, Lewis Morris Park.  The controlled sign and burn areas in the photo gallery were a real surprise.  In 20-plus years habituating this park, I’ve never seen anything like it.

I’ve reacquainted myself with my bicycle and gotten in some good rides.  For me, cycling doesn’t lend itself to photography.  There are photo posts from bike rides elsewhere on this site, but generally I like to keep moving.

The turkey in the single bike photo is at the edge of the field in the center of the picture.  He’s hard to see:  another reason why cell phone cameras are lame.  The field itself is someone’s speculative development off Washington’s Corner Rd in Bernards Township.  At the entrance is a forlorn, abandoned ranch house.  There’s a winding drive with Belgian block curb, but no houses.  Prior to that day, I’d never ridden Washington’s Corner.  Going north to south, it’s a stiff climb.

My physical therapist has prodded me to resume running on aquatic treadmills at my local YMCA.  There are three of them, available periodically during the day.  You have to sign up ahead of time for a 20-minute spot.  Two of the three days I could get in, the treadmills were unavailable due to maintenance.  Finally, on Wednesday, I tried one.  They’ve got a video camera and monitor so you can see your feet and legs moving in the pool as you run.

It’s possible that watching paint dry is more exciting than running indoors in a pool.  But I’ve been diligent about recovering from this hairline fracture, and I’m frankly afraid of re-injuring that bone.  So I’m taking it slow and being a good boy.  The Escarpment Trail Run and the Virgil Crest 50, the big races on my summer bucket list, are likely out this year.  With a little luck, I’ll get clearance to run a 10- or 15-mile race before the snow flies.

Last but not least, one of my Marwe roller skis failed in the middle of an interval workout.  I went to push off and the ski flexed more than it should have.  Repeat; same result.  One of the rear bolts was loose.  Returning to my car, I saw the bolt wasn’t loose; it had broken into two pieces.  Loosening the other bolt, I saw a fatigue crack running the width of the shaft.  That roller ski is toast.

The crack looks like something that developed over time.  These boards are  barely six years old.  When I rotated the wheels in March, nothing was amiss.    I don’t put as many hours on them as an elite skier would.  Lake Denmark Road has deteriorated badly in the last couple years, and it’s possible the road quality played a part in the shaft failure.  I’m bummed out, but things happen.  I’m looking forward to getting another pair of Marwes.

Memorial Day training camp will be a separate post.  Stay tuned.  Thanks for reading.