Cross-Country Skiing in New York

The first time I happened on the New York Ski Blog  might have been an internet search for Plattekill, as my alpine skiing friends extol the virtues of that Catskills mountain.  So I browsed through it and moved on.  Months later, jonesing for snow, I went back there one night.  I read a particularly cool story about the Bearpen ski area.  Yeah… it’s an alpine-oriented site and I’m a cross-country skier, but I like the vibe.

Later, I posted in their forum, opining on the untapped potential of Mount van Hoevenberg as a tourist draw.  Harvey’s love of skiing really shined (shone?) in a subsequent email exchange.  (If you meet him, ask him to share the story about his backcountry expedition.)  When I read about Harv’s intentions to add a directory of all the cross-country ski areas in New York to complement the alpine directory, I offered to help.

Initially I thought this project would be down and dirty, quick and easy.  But in addition to the obvious places – Lapland Lake, Mount van Ho, Mohonk etc., there were many that I’d never heard of.   Chasing down owners or managers to get information wasn’t easy.  In this seasonal business, people may have moved on to a warm weather occupation or just took time to relax after ski season.

A historical article is in the offing as well.  I’m delighted to be the guest editor of  NY Ski Blog’s nordic ski area directory.