Prospect Mountain, Alive and Well

“There’s an aesthetic component to skiing,” Bud Fisher said.  He was so right on Sunday.

Sun glinted off ice-coated tree branches under bluebird skies.  For a change in this dry winter, there was deep snow high on Prospect Mountain.  Only an occasional truck laboring over Bennington Gap punctuated the quiet.

While Fisher’s Williams College team was training lower down, he and I skied up the Mountain Trail.  In mid morning, we had the trail to ourselves, and I peppered Bud with questions.

After being closed for what seemed like most of February, they received enough snow to open.   It was well worth the trip.  With good coverage on 95% of the trails, it was safe to bring out the good skis.  The Mountain Trail had a few exposed rocks, but they were easy to see and avoid when we returned downhill.  Of more concern  were the bare spots on Workout: its exposure to the sun always makes it vulnerable as we inch closer to spring.

Video from the sunny side of the street:

This week, Prospect has received about another foot of new snow.  Enjoy it while it’s here!