Magic Carpet Ride: Spring Skiing Virginia Style

About a year ago, my good friend Andrey Revyakin relocated to Virginia from California.  After backcountry skiing and hiking all across the Sierra Nevada, and after skiing all over Royal Gorge,  it was a big adjustment to come to snow-challenged metropolitan DC.  Andrey’s been rollerskiing, cycling and skiing at Whitegrass.

Last weekend he cruised to Lynchburg VA’s Liberty University.  Liberty features a synthetic downhill run made out of plastic.

Driving south for the Mountain Masochist a couple of years ago, I saw this monolith from the highway and didn’t know what it was.

The ski slope is made of Snowflex, a proprietary material from a British company.  In the video below, it looks like grass.  Although the slope is targeted to alpine skiers or snowboarders, they welcomed Andrey when he inquired about skiing on Fischer RCS.

A T-bar takes you up the mountain.  Andrey tried skiing up to the top, but it didn’t work out.  While Snowflex was springy, “There was not enough glide [to V1] up the hill,” he wrote.  Thus he did the “herringbone hop” uphill or took the T-bar..

“It was not crowded at all,” Andrey wrote in an email.  “There were one or two other people on the mountain, mostly I had the place to myself.”

Would I skip going to Whitegrass or Mount van Hoevenberg to ski here?  No way.  But if I’m in the neighborhood again, I’ll definitely have to try it.