Prospect Mountain Opens

After waiting for what seemed like forever, Prospect Mountain finally opened this weekend.  My daughter and I set out on dawn patrol Monday to ski.

We took Laurel’s favorite loop, out to Hobbit Hollow via the Troll Road.  While there were bits of grass sticking up here and there, the coverage was good overall.   Laurel wrote a note to the hobbits while I skied back and forth.

After we went back to the lodge, I took off for an hour’s solo ski.  Despite the nice weather, Prospect was comparatively deserted.  There were none of the crowds I’d expect for a holiday weekend.  Conditions were what I’d call good early winter conditions: you could see vegetation here and there on the trails and you needed to watch out for the occasional rock.  Chickadee wasn’t roped off, but it wasn’t groomed either.  Otherwise most everything was open.  It was definitely OK to bring out good skis.

While the conditions were the best I’ve seen this winter, my body was trying to figure out what it was supposed to do.  Nominally, Monday is my rest day.  My legs rebelled today after Sunday’s three-hour run on Sunday.  From the start I intended to make it an easy day, but I walked up a couple more hills than I intended.  This is the slippery slope to overtraining:  I should have taken the day off, and I’m paying for it today as I write this.  But I’ve been jonesing to get out on real snow.  When I stepped out of the track to stride on the hard-packed skate pad, my skis wanted to go sideways as much as forward.  Not a good sign when one is planning on a 50 km race in two weeks.  I had much better kick in the classic track.

Despite feeling a little bit like amateur hour, all in all it was a good day.  Sorry, but I don’t have pictures:  it was so cold when we started that the camera battery gave out.