Peaking for Winter

This year has been up and down for me, training-wise.  It’s the hip that isn’t mobile.  (Can we translate that phrase into English from Physical Therapist?)  The leg pain that makes me wonder if I’ll ever run really fast again.  It’s the left foot tendonitis that utterly hobbles me some mornings.  It’s perceived increasing difficulty in completing a hard level 4 workout.

Last year, my training was relatively consistent.  This year, it’s been a rollercoaster.  In races, I’ve put in solid hard efforts.  But hard interval workouts have been particularly difficult.  Some of them go great, others I’ve had to cut short.

It seems that the most productive quality workouts are in my oldest haunts, Hedden Park and Lake Denmark Road.  I stopped doing rollerski intervals on the 10 % grade on Meadow Bluff Rd in Parsippany.  I figured the long recovery getting back down the hill wasn’t worth it.  Thinking it was too early in the year for such foolishness, I subsequently stopped bounding intervals at the disused Snow Bowl alpine slope.

When the training year started in May, 500 hours of training – a minimal number before we adopted Laurel – was my goal.  Now I’m wondering if I bit off more than I can recover from.  I’m looking for that magic bullet to get back to feeling like Superman, and perhaps even running, or skiing like him.  Time to buckle down.  Winter is here.