Rollerskiing Old Mine Road, Delaware Water Gap

With unseasonably warm weather continuing in my part of the world, I brought rollerskis to my in-laws’ place for Thanksgiving.  They live, as my mother-in-law likes to say, in the back of beyond in Sussex County NJ, near where NJ, NY and PA meet.

On Friday, I rollerskied a section of the historic Old Mine Road, reputed to be one of the oldest roads in the country. The Delaware Valley was initially settled in the mid 17th century.  Supposedly, Dutch settlers built the road to haul copper ore to Kingston, NY.  I’ll do some research and add to this post as I find out more.

Parking at the first turnout after leaving Route 206, I headed south.  My goal was to reach the bridge at Dingman’s Ferry before turning around, but I didn’t get that far.

Old Mine Road undulates and rolls.  There was only one spot where I wanted to crank on the speed reducers, but there was still enough elevation change to get a good double pole workout.  The pavement is in good shape overall.  However, there are a few sections that go from fine to minefield with no in-between.

Photos below.

It’s a ways from my house, but I’m thinking about a through trip next spring.  From the Delaware Water Gap bridge up to Montague.  Anyone interested?  Leave a comment.