Lallukka B Sample Tests Positive for HGH

Juha Lallukka’s B sample has tested positive for human growth hormone (HGH).  Hannu Kalkas, Lallukka’s lawyer, told Finnish media that the completed test on the B sample showed presence of HGH.  Lallukka has denied ever using HGH, saying the positive must be for another reason.

He’s also asked the Finnish Anti Doping Commission who leaked the results of the A sample test, which is a violation of Finnish anti doping code.

Timo Seppälä, the medical director of the Finnish anti doping body, acknowledged that a false positive is theortically possible, but said that he doesn’t know of any instance of a false positive for HGH.

“In theory, a person might find something strange, or… genetic defects, which would produce only one particular sort of growth hormone, but they are not known,” Seppälä said to Finnish media.

While HGH tests are relatively new, according to Seppälä, they’re reliable.

According to the lawyer, the inquiry is ongoing.  For Lallukka, the next step is a presentation or defense to the anti doping commission.  The commission will decide whether Lallukka committed a doping violation .

“We have not yet received from ADT [Finnish Anti Doping Commission]  all the material we need” to make a defense, Kalkas said.