Run Against Traffic or Else!!

I envied her, getting her workout in during that magical hour around 7:30 AM.  Combined with the fall colors on the trees, the quality of sunlight is intoxicating in early morning at this time of year.  With her dog trotting beside her, she ran, blissing out to her portable music player.

There was only one problem:  on the road, she ran with her back to traffic.

Pardon my shouting:  DON’T DO IT!!

Not long after we moved to Dover, my wife and I read a tragic news item.  A local guy was hit from behind while running at 5:30 AM.  He was running on a wide shoulder of the road in early morning light and died after being hit from behind.  Despite his wearing a reflective vest, the motorist professed to police to have not seen him.

If that’s not tragedy enough, his wife died in the same spot, same cause, two years earlier.  Their two kids were now orphans.

If you must run on the road, for God’s sake, run AGAINST traffic.  Especially at morning and evening rush hour. If you can see oncoming cars, you’re way safer.  And leave the MP3 player at home so you can hear what’s going on around you.