Mahlon Mayhem – A Distance for Everyone

The weather cooperated for Saturday’s Mahlon Mayhem trail races at Mahlon Dickerson Reservation in Morris County NJ.

Named after a former New Jersey governor, Mahlon Dickerson comprises 3200 acres of open land with trails for running and mountain biking as well as tent and RV camping areas.  Organized by NJ Trail Series, runners signed up for distances ranging from 12.5 k up to 100 k.  All the action took place on one 12.5 k lollipop-shaped loop.  Trail surfaces ranged from easygoing rail trail to technical, rocky sections.  In the longer events, those who could run consistent splits had a big advantage over the competition.

Dante Simone won the 100 k event in 10:13:55.  Of 27 starters in the 100, only 12 finished.  Derrelle Janey won the 75 k in 8:43:11.  Full results posted on NJ Trail Series’s website.