Hedden Park, Rain, Overdistance

Don’t tell my physical therapist that I ran today.

Every summer, it seems like I get physical therapy for my perennially bad right hamstring.  I’m back there again.  This year, the therapist discovered that my right gluteus maximus doesn’t engage fully when I run:  it’s supposed to fire first, followed by the hamstrings.  So p.t. is focused around getting the glute to do its share of work.  For the first time I have homework, a series of exercises I’m supposed to do each night.

To aid recovery, I’m supposed to avoid running.  That didn’t work too well with the Escarpment, but otherwise I’ve generally managed to avoid running for a few weeks.  On Sunday, I woke to the sound of rain pelting down on my house, my car, the garden.  Rollerskiing?  Unless there’s a race, I’m not rollerskiing in the rain .  Bicycling?  In the rain?  Forget about it.

However, it’s really useful to get out in the rain periodically.  One of these days, it’s gonna happen in a race and you can’t be standing there going woe is me.  I even remember a rain-shortened Lake Placid Loppet with water in the stadium almost up to my ankles.

So I laced up the shoes and ran local in Hedden Park.  Within 15 minutes, I was soaked.

At 380 acres, Hedden isn’t big enough to get lost in unless you really work at it.  But it has one good-sized hill that you can run from a number of different directions.  I did them all multiple times, including the informal, unmarked  trail of questionable legality that appears to have been put in by a mountain biker.  Dude, your secret is safe with me.  Just get rid of the survey tape so no one else finds it.

After three hours, I could still go hard uphill, but was picking my way down the hills.  For a change of pace I followed a deer track in the woods near the upper ball field until the trial ended.  I felt unusually tired for just a three hour run.  On my way out of the park, I came to a complete stop and realized that my right hamstring was really fatigued and the left one felt… normal.

After a good stretch and all the therapy exercises, I felt almost normal.  But it’s going to be minimal running for a few more weeks.