Waning Days of Winter

In the waning dark of 5 AM this morning, I ran in a light drizzle.  On pavement.  Running on pavement in the dark is my least favorite activity.  You might even say I hate it.  Today, I did easy repeats up a one-kilometer hill near my house.  Up, and back down, repeat.  Not quite mindless, because I still have to pay attention to my heart rate.  As I was running, I reflected on Sunday’s trip to Prospect, perhaps the last best day of spring skiing.

On Sunday morning at around 7:30, we were approaching Albany.  The the fields beside the Thruway are brown, anticipating another season’s planting.

“Are you sure there’s snow up there?” my friend Barclay asked me.  Oh, ye of little faith.  Not only was there snow, but Prospect was still completely covered.  There was a bit of dirt on the trail on Workout and the beginning of the Beaver Pond loop, but that’s to be expected at this time of year.

Out of a painfully blue sky, the sun glared down and played havoc with glide.  Depending on the tree cover and exposure, the surface ranged from wet packed powder to wet granular.  A number of different kick wax solutions would have worked.  Vic L was on red hard wax, but I thought klister was the way to go.

The skiing was great, but the conditions varied every twenty meters.  At any moment, as the surface changed, our skis might grab, and we’d nearly faceplant.  But the combination of great weather and great conditions was so worth looking like amateur hour.

After a few loops around the lower trail system, Barclay wanted to ski the Mountain Trail.  It’s been years since I’d been all the way to the top.  After messing up my knee on a full-tilt descent here some years ago, I’ve been hesitant  to go back up, but Barclay talked me in to it.


view from mountain trail on prospect mountain

View from 2/3 the way up Mountain Trail

lift shack on prospect mountain summit

Old shack at the top of the lift line

barclay standing underneath the lift on prospect mountain

Barclay, summit of Prospect. This guy taught me to ski way back when.



As of this writing, Prospect still has everything open, and the forecast calls for nights below freezing and daytime highs in the 40s.  Get out there while you still can this spring!