Veerpalu: Tests Positive, Claims Innocence; No Responsibility

Citing illness and injury, Andrus Veerpalu  retired suddenly just prior to the 2011 World Championships in Oslo.  Strange that a big-event skier would do that, eh?  Perhaps he was aware that he’d tested positive for human growth hormone following a January 29 world cup event.

I’ve gotten over the disappointment of being cheated by these guys.  But can any of them at least take responsibility for what they’ve done?

Facing a 100-game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs, Manny Ramirez abruptly retired from baseball instead.  In an interview with, Manny said, “I’m at ease.  God knows what’s best [for me].”  Hello?  Where’s the acknowledgement of responsibility?

Veerpalu?  My guess is that he ran away to avoid being outed during the World Championships.  In the FasterSkier story I linked to above, when he finally said anything, he claimed innocence.

I’m tired of people going deny, deny, deny, only later simultaneously confessing and  smearing everyone possible in their sport.  Or denying and sanctimoniously wagging their finger, “I’ve NEVER touched the stuff!” only to be outed later.  Or claiming they ate tainted meat, or that someone sabotaged their sunscreen.  All crocodile tears and bullshit.

If you’re going to inject yourself full of HGH, or a pint or two of blood, at least have the cojones to man up and admit what you did when you get caught.  Jason Giambi was the only baseball player to fess up to doping during that Congressional inquiry a few years ago, and for that I respect him.