Hedden Park Intervals

Although snow remains in the woods from last week’s storm, there isn’t enough to ski on.  It’s way too early to roller ski; way too cold to ride a bicycle.

Today I ran two sets of ladder intervals in Hedden Park, my local training spot.  It’s close enough to run to from home.  At 380 acres, it’s just big enough to afford some training variety, and has an acceptable amount of vertical gain.  I wouldn’t suggest that you make it a destination for your next 20-mile run or ride, but it’s the sort of good local go-to spot that any athlete needs.

hedden park trail, partially covered with snow

Good bounding hill near the brook on the circular trail in Hedden Park.

After focusing on easy workouts to recover from the Boreal Loppet, it’s time to get back to some hard intervals to get ready for summer trail races.  For a change, I’m working on gradually increasing my amount of level 4 time from one week to the next.  Today, it was two sets of two-, three- and four-minute uphill repeats.  It was OK to be gasping on the last repeat; for a change that was the hardest one, instead of going too hard early in the workout.

Tonight will be ski preparation:  there’s still plenty of snow at Prospect Mountain, with more to come!