Great Skiing at Prospect Mountain

With snow basically gone in southern New York, I woke up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to drive to Prospect Mountain.  The change to daylight savings time added to the joys of sleep deprivation.

Stumbling around the kitchen, I choked down coffee, fed the cats and took off.  After the fifteen-hour drive returning from Quebec two weeks ago, the trip to Prospect was almost like going around the corner to buy groceries.

What had been an occasional raindrop as I drove east from Troy turned into a full-blown snow squall by the time I arrived.  Although predicted to be warmer, the temperature never rose above freezing on Sunday.  By the time the storm passed two hours later, an inch of fresh wet powder blanketed the granular base.


snow squall outside the lodge at Prospect Mountain in Vermont

Snowing hard, early morning.

In the first hour, it was slow going.  As a few more people showed up, they packed down the powder and the track sped up.  Considering how great the skiing was, the place was surprisingly quiet.

view on Carmen's way

Freshies on Carmen's Way.

After the Mount Anthony ski team departed, it seemed like I had the place to myself.  The Newfoundland Club of New England put on their annual competition and kept the lodge busy at lunch.

newfoundland dray competition

Newfies in action this weekend.

Although the forecast calls for warmer temperatures this week, they still have plenty of snow, and I expect good skiing there this coming weekend.  Winter isn’t over yet if you don’t want it to be!

snowman by the coat rack

Guardian of the coat rack

view on the shoulder of chickadee ski trail

The sun tried to come out and failed.