Possibly the longest single-day ski race in North America, the Boreal Loppet comes up a week from Saturday, and I’m impatient.  I signed on for this race last year, and the 103 k event was cancelled due to poor conditions.  This would be the  same February weekend when the northeast U.S. received over two feet of snow.  Unwilling to drive 700+ miles for their 54 k marathon, I deferred until this year.

On the wrong day, it’s intimidating:  there are more logistical challenges in any cold-weather ultra race, and this one is around one huge loop in the Quebec hinterlands.  Except for the self-supported Damn Wakely Dam, the feed stations are farther apart than at most of the races I’ve been in.  If you bonk on the wrong part of the course, you still have to get yourself home.

I cut today’s workout a bit short:  I’m tired of the training and I want to get to the main event and get it out of my system.